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Open Funds

August, 20 - September, 5 2010

Exhibition of works from the funds of Perm Museum of Modern Art

Open Funds

Project "Open funds" 2010 aims at introducing residents of Perm region, guests of the city, specialists, visitors of the Museums' web-site and everyone who is interested in modern art to the fund politics of "PERMM". Its goal is to depict cohesiveness and at the same time ambiguity of Museum's approach towards fund complexion, which is based on a concept specified in the exhibition "Russian Povera" ("Russian poor"), which marked a milestone in the museums' life. Projects' structure is comprised not only of the main genres, such as object, installation, sculpture, but also of video, photography and authorial prints.

The exhibition within the framework of the project "Open Funds" will represent 55 pieces by 26 authors, and that is only a part of constantly supplemented museum's funds.

Since its opening in March 2009, museum's funds have grown more than 100 times, which is not surprising, because the idea of the museum was born during the exhibition "Russian Povera". Its authors are the producer of the project Sergei Gordeev and curator Marat Guelman.

That's how Marat Guelman himself phrased the concept of collections' development:

"Initially, "Russain Povera" ("Russian poor") art appeared because of the absence of those technologies and possibilities that were available to the artists abroad. In course of time, artists realized "richness" of the "poor" material and started to use it consciously. They found beauty, protest, tradition and ascesis in it and, in my opinion, created what is called "Russian identity".

We are interested in collecting not only Russian "poor" art, but also Italian "Arte Povera", art of European left movement, which uses "trash" as one of the materials, and art of the Third World Countries, since the materials that their artists use are considered by them traditional rather than "poor". That is what Perm Museum of Modern Art going to do: it is going to collect art, made of "poor" materials, systemize and analyze it. From there, the museum will get its unique character".

"Open Funds" exhibition will reveal that unique character and make it more obvious. Exhibition areas of both exhibition halls on the first floor of the museum will be divided into four zones. First exhibition hall will be occupied with project's annotations and a reading zone, where audience will get acquainted with all the catalogues that were issued by the museum since its opening. Behind it, a fragment of the exposition from the introduction to "Russian Povera" exhibition will be displayed. Two areas in the middle of the first exhibition hall will be occupied by the new works that just recently became part of the museums' funds. These include works by Perm artists Sergey Teterin and Michael Pavlukevich. The exposition will be complimented by the works already well - known to the audience.

The second hall, which is the biggest, will be occupied by large - format installations and objects by the "Russian Povera" artists - installation "Amber Room" by the group "Soap" (Saint-Petersburg); Leonid Sokovs' work "Insidious Time", which was not exhibited in Perm before, fragment of "The New Testament Project" by Dmitry Vrubel and Vikoria Timofeeva and video by "Sehr Gut" group (Yekaterinburg).

All these different works have something in common and that fact speaks in support of wholeness in the concept of creating a collection. Affinity in this case is defined not only by the use of "poor materials", but by the artists' understanding of beauty as well. All works presented at the "Open Funds" project have one main thing in common - artists pursue beauty using particular qualities of the materials and create new meanings, that can't be evaluated unambiguously.

The museum's future, wherein reconstruction of the building, new exhibition projects and accession of the collection is assumed to be, is established at this moment. We understand that unique character of funds gives museum a chance to take a deserving position in museum's hierarchy and thus to develop culture of the place where it is situated. We promise, that "Open Funds" project will be continued and it will take place not only within the museums' walls next year, but at the virtual museum PERMM.ru as well.

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Exhibition organizers:
Museum of Modern Art

Opening 20th of August 2010 at 7 pm

Opening - by invitation only

By invitation only
Press accreditation Tel.: 8 (342) 219-91-76

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